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Eager to explore the city? You've come to the right place. Peryscope Walking Tours are the all-new way to explore cities, regardless whether it is your hometown or you are on a weekend getaway.

Equipped with your smartphone, you will experience a self-guided walking tour in your own pace. Unlike your average guided tour, Peryscope is not just shooting facts and year numbers your way: The tour is embedded in a fun and exciting story, challenging you with questions and riddles along the way. So instead of being a passive recipient, you need to act and explore yourself to make your way through the city - like you would on a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Instead of just focusing on the obvious, you need to pay attention to detail as well - and will discover something new on your tour through the city. Guaranteed.

And of course we also got the facts straight for you: The walking tour is enriched with text, audio and video media, telling you about the cities' past and present.

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