When is Ben? - Walking Tour Berlin

When is Ben? - Walking Tour Berlin

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  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance: 2.5km
  • 2% donation for Berlin's trees
An interactive Berlin walking tour: It's the year 1865, and Benjamin has been building the clocktower of the new town hall in Berlin. Now he is missing, and his mother is seriously worried. Can you find Ben?

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An adventure in the heart of Berlin

It's the year 1862, and engineer Benjamin is constructing the clocktower of the new townhall in Berlin. One morning, he does not show up in his workshop anymore. Ben is missing! His mother Mathilde has no clue what happened and is worried sick. She can't find any hint to his whereabouts in his workshop, but at the same time, she might have the key to finding her son right in front of her...
Team up with Mathilde and make your way through the history and present of Berlin to find Ben!

Berlin Mitte
The very roots of Berlin...

The walking tour “When is Ben” takes you through Berlin Mitte – the epi-centre of the city of Berlin. Centuries of history can be seen here right next to each other: A 800 year old church, right beside a townhall built under the emporer's rule, next to a TV tower, built as a landmark of modern society by the East-German government during Germany's division.

Bode Museum Berlin
Berlin TV Tower seen from the ground | Fernsehturm Berlin
Brandenburger Tor Berlin
Spree River and Berlin Cathedral | Spree und Berliner Dom
Walking along stunning sights
...in the turning tides of German History

Berlin-Mitte has seen it all: From a typical German old-town, to emperors' grandiosity, to the total collapse of civilized society in World War II to a liberal democracy - Germany's history is condensed in Berlin's centre like in no other place.

However, not all is in the past: Our walking tour leads you to the magnificent spots as well as to the hidden corners right in the heart of Berlin. Townhall, TV-tower, Berlin palace, hidden courtyards - the self guided tour is right at the pulse of Berlin.

Your tour starts here:

Rathausstraße 15
10178 Berlin

(end of the tour: Hackescher Markt)