How Peryscope Walking Tours Work

Learn how Peryscope Walking Tours on your smartphone work. Get to your individual walking tour game in just three steps, whenever you want.

3 steps to your walking tour

Ordering online with credit card
#1 Buy a tour

With just a few clicks, you can select and buy a walking tour right here on our website.

Receive your Peryscope start code on your phone
#2 Get your code

Right after your purchase, you will receive a start code for your Peryscope walking tour both on our site and via email.

Friends playing a Peryscope Walking Tour on their smartphone - Peryscope Walking Tours
#3 Play Peryscope!

Simply text Peryscope on WhatsApp or Facebook and enter your start code and your tour starts immediately, anytime you want.

self-guided tours on your phone

How it Works

Peryscope tours are self-guided walking tours on your smartphone, so you can start instantly, anytime you want. If you like to be independent and want to decide yourself how much time you spent on which sights, this is made for you: Play the tour in your own time and take breaks whenever you like.

Peryscope walking tours are interactive games which are played on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. You will be texting with a character who needs your help and guides you through a both exciting and informative story. And don't you worry, it's not all long and boring text: All our tours are enriched with plenty of pictures, voice messages and videos to make it worth your while.

experience it together

Answer questions and solve riddles to you make your way through the city, just like a scavenger hunt. It's most fun if you play in small groups with up to four people. Help each other out and experience the city together! In case you are a bigger group, team up and make it a challenge: Who will complete the tour first?