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Experience a personalized and interactive walking tour in the city of Beriln, simply equipped with your smartphone. Just like a scavenger hunt, this fun walking tour let's you play your way through Berlin Mitte, the buzzing centre of Germany's capital city. Explore well known sights and hidden corners and learn about the rich history and present of the city and Germany in general - suitable for both visiting tourists and locals alike. Experience Berlin your way.

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Berlin Mitte
Walking tour When is Ben?

It's the year 1865, and Benjamin has been building the clocktower of the new town hall in Berlin. Now he's missing, and his mother is worried sick. Some hints are her only hope to get back her son. Can you find Ben?

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A buzzing european capital..

Berlin surely is one of the most exciting european cities these days. With 3.8 million inhabitants, it is not only one of the biggest cities in Europe, but also one with a moving history: Kings and emporers ruled here, working-class movements fought for their rights, the Nazi terror regime brought horror across Europe, even the city itself was torn apart in two parts during the cold war.
You might not even notice a lot of these past times anymore, if Germany and Berlin were not very conscious about their past. Today, Berlin is a buzzing international city, full of culture, startups, music, hopes, dreams and its very special vibes, which attracts people from all over the world.

Bode Museum Berlin
Brandenburger Tor Berlin
Statue Altes Museum Berlin
Hackesche Höfe Berlin
Sightseeing in Berlin
...full of hidden corners and subculture

Berlin is famous for its thriving cultural scene and subcultural movements. And although things like these often tend to be victims of their own success as economic interests take over, Berlin has managed to keep its very own flair up to this day. Apart from shopping malls and flagship stores, you can still experience the vibes even in the very centre of the city. Our walking tours in Berlin will guide you to some of these spots.

Nikolaiviertel Berlin-Mitte
We got some tips and recommendations for great sights along the route of our Walking Tour in Berlin.