Free Fiete - Walking Tour Hamburg

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  • Play immediately or anytime
  • Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
  • Distance: 4.0km
  • 2% donation for Hamburg's trees
Interactive Walking Tour Hamburg: Save dockworker Fiete from his misery and explore the Hafencity and the world heritage site Speicherstadt on this walking tour in Hamburg.

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A rescue mission in hamburg's old harbour

In the port of Hamburg, many generations of sailors and dockworkers have done their hard day’s work, seeking happiness in faraway lands and drowning their bad luck in high-proof liquor. Fiete, a dockworker, must have been hit particularly hard last night. During a walk along the Elbpromenade, you hear his cry for help. His situation is tricky, can you save him?

A historical quarter...

The walking tour “Free Fiete” takes you through Hamburg's Speicherstadt – a place whose origins date back to the middle ages, which in its current form was built in the late 19th century. The magnificent architecture with storage houses, canals and bridges is impressive to see and was named world heritage site for a reason.
You're a local and think you've seen everything already? "Free Fiete" takes on that challenge!

Hamburg Speicherstadt Canal - Peryscope Walking Tour Free Fiete
Hamburg Poggenmühlenbrücke - Peryscope Walking Tour Free Fiete
Hamburg Elbphilharmonie - Peryscope Walking Tour Free Fiete
Hamburg HafenCity - Peryscope Walking Tour Free Fiete
...meets modern architecture

Mingling with the Speicherstadt as a remnant of the past is the HafenCity, where Hamburg’s future is being built today. A whole new quarter was built here over the past decades on the former premises of the harbour. It is one of Europe's largest urban development projects only 500m away from the city center, turning it into a showroom for impressive urban development and modern architecture, the most prominent site being the Elbphilharmonie.

Your tour starts here:

Vorsetzen 1
20459 Hamburg

(end of the tour: close to Kornhausbrücke)

"We've been living in Hamburg for years, quite close to the Speicherstadt. Still, the walking tour was highly informative, very well done and we had a fantastic time with Fiete. Thanks for that!“

Svenja & Matthias

„Simply amazing! Great process from purchase to starting the tour. Even as a local you get to know Hamburg from a different angle. Highly recommended!“

Ivonne & Co.

„Even as locals we still discovered some places we hadn't seen before. Exciting and great fun!"

Wibke & Marcel