Gift a walking tour to your friends and family as a present this christmas.

Our Peryscope walking tours are the perfect christmas gift for your friends and family. Spend time together on an exciting scavenger hunt, whether it is your home town or on a city trip. Explore Berlin, Copenhagen or Hamburg on a scavenger hunt with your smartphone.

After booking, you have full flexibility when to play your walking tour - you can start on any day, anytime. Every start code is valid for a year. So no rush, take your time to wait for a sunny weekend if you'd like!
Not quite sure how you play a Peryscope walking tour yet? Check out our section how it works.

View over Hamburg town hall and Alster lake - Peryscope Walking Tours
Students playing a Peryscope smartphone walking tour on their smartphone | Eine Gruppe Schüler spielt eine Peryscope Stadtrallye auf dem Smartphone

Two ways to gift a walking tour


In case you're not quite sure which city you would like to explore, you can choose our Peryscope pass. It is a gift card for our store, so it enables you to go back anytime and choose one of our walking tours you would like to play.

Specific walking tour

If you already know which city you'd like to explore, simply buy one of our walking tours in Berlin, Copenhagen or Hamburg. You will get all the information via email, but in case you'd like to put something under the christmas tree, there's also a PDF with the relevant information for you to print out.

Peryscope Pass

Peryscope Pass

Regular price€26,00
Give away our walking tours with a Peryscope gift card! Gift cards can be redeemed anytime for any tour on our website. A gift card for 25€ equals one tour, 50€ for two tours, etc. Your gift card will be delivered immediately via email.


"The riddles were nicely mixed and diverse, not to easy and not too hard. Even colleagues from Hamburg discovered some new spots!"

Lara, HR Manager organizing a team event for 120 colleagues in Hamburg

"Mission: Free Fiete successfully completed! The walking tour in Hamburg was really engaging and great fun for all of us."


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