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Experience a personalized and interactive Hamburg walking tour, simply equipped with your smartphone. Just like a scavenger hunt, this fun walking tour let's you play your way through Hamburg's Speicherstadt and HafenCity, two of the most remarkable quarters of the city. Explore well known sights and hidden corners and learn about the history and present of the city - suitable for both visiting tourists and locals alike. Experience Hamburg your way.

Learn more about Hamburg and our walking tour below. In case you're wondering how exactly Peryscope Walking Tours are played, check out how it works.

Hamburg Speicherstadt + HafenCity
Walking tour Free Fiete

In the port of Hamburg, many generations of sailors and dockworkers have done their hard day’s work, seeking happiness in faraway lands and drowning their bad luck in high-proof liquor. Fiete, a dockworker, must have been hit particularly hard last night. During a walk along the Elbpromenade, you hear his cry for help. His situation is tricky, can you save him?

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the most beautiful city in the world...

Bragging is not really within the nature of the sober German northerners in Hamburg. However, when it comes to their city, they tirelessly repeat the boldest statement to make about their city - and they mean it.
Some call Hamburg's inhabitants delusional for this perception, and of course, Hamburg might not be as vibrant as New York or as hip as Berlin - but nevertheless there's something to it.

Hamburg incorporates quarters with beautiful historic architecture as well as quarters with a rough urban appeal, quarters for rich conservatives as well as centres for left alternatives, one family homes and high rise apartment buildings, heavy harbour industry and digital media start-ups.

Long story short, Hamburg is quite versatile and caters to the needs of a very diverse population. And if there's something to do and to see for everyone in Hamburg, then there's also room for everyone to find it beautiful. Or to simply jump between the various sides of Hamburg to make the most of it - for example on one of our walking tours.

View over Hamburg town hall and Alster lake - Peryscope Walking Tours
Harbour crane in Hamburg - Peryscope Walking Tours
Sightseeing in hamburg
...with hanseatic understatement

You might think the hanseatic tradition of understatement in Hamburg is a thing of the past, when you think about the cost of the shiny new Elbphilharmonie landmark right next to river Elbe. However, considering that this extraordinary piece of architecture is located right next to the harbour industry on the opposite side of the river, you could also see it as a form of understatement.

The neighboring UNESCO world heritage site Speicherstadt, an ensemble of old harbour storage buildings, was about to be torn down once it was not longer used for its industrial purposes. It might have seemed like an obvious idea to transform this industrial area by rebuilding, but preserving the Speicherstadt turned out to be a very rewarding decision.

The once industrial quarter turned into an architectural tourist attraction, filled with offices, cultural activities, restaurants and cafés. Explore it together with the brand new neighborhood of HafenCity on our Hamburg Walking Tour Free Fiete!

We got some tips and recommendations for great sights along the route of our Walking Tour in Hamburg.

Things to know about hamburg

In 2019, 1.8 million people lived in the city of Hamburg.

Your whole life, a local would say! But jokes aside, Hamburg is always worth a visit. There are endless things to see, explore and experience, probably best 2-3 days at a time.

Although this very much depends on your taste and likings, a visit to the harbour, the Speicherstadt and the inner city around the town hall and the Alster lake is definitely a must to get a feeling for the city.

Different times offer different experiences. The most popular travel season for Hamburg lasts from May to October.

The Speicherstadt is worth a visit for its beauty, the Sternschanze for the buzzing vibes full with bars and restaurants. St.Pauli with its famous red light and party district around Reeperbahn is edgy, but very much worth the experience.

The city is big, and there's a lot to see. While exploring on your own is totally worth it as well, some guidance can't hurt to point you to the best spots in town!

Absolutely not! Many locals who have been living in Hamburg for many years have been playing our tour. The shared feedback is that you'll see something new, differently and learn something about your city you didn't know before. Spend an afternoon on a weekend and get to know Hamburg!