About Peryscope

Learn more about Peryscope Walking Tours and our team creating innovative, digital walking tours on your smartphone. We are striving to take walking tours to the next level.

We're a group of passionate travellers, curious explorers and tech enthusiasts who set out on a journey to enrich yours.

Our digital, interactive walking tours use latest technology, sophisticated storytelling and advanced game design. We carefully design every element of our tours to create an immersive micro adventure that truly lets you connect to the city.

Originally founded in Hamburg and Copenhagen, we're by now a truly international team working on guided walking tours in different countries and languages.

Peryscope - walking tours for explorers.

Why is it called Peryscope?

According to Wikipedia, a periscope is "an instrument for observation over, around or through an object, obstacle or condition that prevents direct line-of-sight observation from an observer's current position." A periscope helps you uncovering what you otherwise would not be able to see.

This is exactly what Peryscope is striving for: Showing cities from a different angle, uncovering some spots and details of the city which otherwise would go unnoticed.

Not to mention that a periscope is a fun gadget (if you ever had one as a kid, you'll know what we are talking about) - just like our tours!

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