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Guided Tours for Students

Smartphone Walking Tours are perfectly suited for school classes on a field trip. A flexible, affordable and fun activity for your next school trip to Berlin, Hamburg or Copenhagen.
Engaging tours for students
A Smartphone Walking Tour...

Whether it's a school trip, a school excursion or a day out - a guided city tour is always a good idea for school classes.
Classical guided walking tours are sometimes more, sometimes less suitable for school classes, depending on how the city guide adapts to his audience. However, one challenge remains: In essence, classic city tours are consumed passively by the school class and are not very interactive.

A fixed time frame and schedule offers little room and flexibility for individual interests in a classic city tour. All students follow the fixed schedule.

Peryscope gets rid of these pain points by offering interactive walking tours as smartphone scavenger hunts, which allow students to explore the city independently with a modern, digital approach.

View over Hamburg town hall and Alster lake - Peryscope Walking Tours
Students playing a Peryscope smartphone walking tour on their smartphone | Eine Gruppe Schüler spielt eine Peryscope Stadtrallye auf dem Smartphone
Group of students taking a selfie on their Peryscope walking tour | Gruppe macht ein Selfie auf einer Peryscope Stadtrallye
play and learn about the city
...educational and fun!

Peryscope walking tours are interactive scavenger hunts on the smartphone: In small groups, teams explore the city on their own. Within the framework of an exciting story, the students answer questions and solve puzzles to play their way through the city.

Peryscope smartphone city tours are enriched with numerous media in the form of voice messages, pictures and videos that enrich the gameplay and convey background information and city history.

Larger groups of students are divided into teams of 4-5 people, who then play together. The tasks and riddles of the scavenger hunt can only be solved as a group - thus strengthening the team spirit. A competition is also easily possible: with statistics on the duration of the tour and the number of clues needed, a winning team can be chosen at the end.


"We liked the walking tour a lot and think it's a great alternative to your average guided walking tour."

Florian, Teacher of students playing 'Free Fiete' in Hamburg

"The students were way more active and more motivated than during a regular guided city tour!"

Friedrich, Teacher of students playing 'When is Ben?' in Berlin

FAQ for school trips

In general, there is no limit. Classes of 20 as well as groups of 80 students have been playing our tours before.

Students should be split in groups of 4-5 and to allow for the best experience, it is helpful if there's a small delay between the groups starting. This should be kept in mind when planning the day.

All our tours are suitable for kids from the age of 12 and above. However, if the students are on their own, age 14+ makes it easier for them to solve the more tricky riddles on their own.

Absolutely! The tour will guide the students through the city. Of course a certain element of trust is needed, we're not monitoring your students ;). It's helpful if the students still have a way to contact a teacher if there's need for help.

Yes, all our tours include content about the city's history and present in form of additional audio messages.

It varies with the walking tour, but in general the tours take 2-3 hours, depending on how swiftly the players move through the tour.

It's modern, it's interactive, and it's a game like a scavenger hunt! Moreover, students are asked to use their smartphones for once. What's more to like?

Absolutely! Our walking tours are fun and even locals will discover and learn something new.

The tours are supposed to be played in groups. We recommend groups of up to four people, so you only need to book one tour for four students.

One student will be the team leader, handling the smartphone, reading out questions, playing audio files and typing in answers. This way, team work and interaction within in the team is required to play the walking tour.

We offer 20% discount if you book 5 or more tours. The discount is applied automatically in our checkout, once you add at least 5 tours to your cart.

Additionally, we offer a free start code for the teachers - just contact us to get one.

Sure! We offer payment via invoicing for schools, companies and institutions. Please write us a message with the details of your purchase (name of the tour, language, number of tours, invoicing address) and we will send you invoice and start codes via email.

You can play our tours on any day, at any point in time - just follow the starting instructions, type in your start code and off you go.
No planning required!

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