The best sights and attractions in Hamburg's Speicherstadt and Hafencity

View from a bridge in Hamburg Speicherstadt with Elbphilharmonie

A trip to Hamburg is always worthwhile. Whether as a city break or a longer holiday in the surrounding area, the city state has much to offer. It is known far beyond Germany's borders. From the Reeperbahn to the fish market - Hamburg is on everyone's lips. But there is much more to discover: Two of Hamburg's most worth seeing districts are the Speicherstadt and HafenCity. It is not for nothing that Peryscope's digital city rally Hamburg "S.O.S. Speicherstadt" leads you through these districts. But in addition to the beautiful exterior, which you will discover on our city rally, there are also numerous sights in Hamburg's Speicherstadt and HafenCity that are worth discovering from the inside.

Elbphilharmonie in HafenCity - not only visually impressive

The foundation walls of the  Elbphilharmonie consist of a brick warehouse dating from the 1960s. A glass wave has been placed on top of it, giving the building its unique appearance. An unforgettable view is provided by a viewing platform, which is located in between and is open to the public. Many tourists enjoy the phenomenal view of Hamburg and the Elbe here before exploring the building. There is a large and small concert hall, but also a restaurant, hotel and shop for souvenirs.

On the outside alone, the Elbphilharmonie is one of Hamburg's top sights. But also inside, the various materials invite you to touch them. By the way, this is expressly permitted. Furthermore, visitors can explore the world of music for themselves in the Kaistudios as part of workshops.

Miniatur Wunderland in Speicherstadt: Breathtaking wealth of detail

On an area of 1,545 m², the Miniatur Wunderland delights its visitors with various model themed worlds that have been recreated with loving attention to detail. 289,000 figures breathe life into the worlds. 137,000 trees, 497,000 LEDs, 4,340 buildings and a track length of 16,138 m add to the realistic charm. The Miniatur Wunderland is complemented by 1,392 signals, 1,120 trains, 10,250 cars and 47 aeroplanes in the air. In total, the construction has cost 37 million euros so far. The project has also involved 990,000 construction hours.

A visit to Miniatur Wunderland is worthwhile for the whole family as well as adults - and you don't even have to be enthusiastic about model building. A visit to the warehouse building in Hamburg's Speicherstadt is particularly impressive when it is combined with a special event. For example, the Miniatur Wunderland can also be admired later in the evening as a night event or in combination with a culinary world tour. Locals and tourists should definitely consider this attraction on their city rally in Hamburg - before, after or even as a stopover.

Hamburg Dungeon in Speicherstadt: City history with spooky fun

The Hamburg Dungeon is one of the sophisticated sights of Speicherstadt. Here visitors are taken on an exciting and varied journey into Hamburg's past. A time window of 600 years is covered. Those interested in the gruesome side of history will be in for a real treat during the 90 minutes. There are 11 live shows performed by real actors and actresses. The whole thing is complemented by two rides.

Let yourself be thrilled by historical excursions of a different kind. Discover attractions such as "The Tunnel", "Revenge of the Tortured", "The Inquisition", "The Plague Hospital" or "The Chamber of Torments" during your visit to Hamburg's Speicherstadt.

  • Admission: 25,50€
  • Opening hours: Variable, 10am - 6pm
  • Address: Kehrwieder 2

Lohsepark in HafenCity: Green oasis and place of remembrance

A well-planned city tour of Hamburg's HafenCity also includes a visit to Lohsepark. It is one of the historically significant sights and covers an area of four hectares. It is the largest park in Hafen City. In 2016, the park was completed and opened. There is a memorial in its centre. Originally, this was the site of the Hanover railway station. It was heavily damaged during the war and then completely blown up in 1955. Sinti, Roma and Jews were deported from this station during the Second World War.

There is much to discover in Lohsepark: remnants of the station and the track can still be found. A memorial site points out the history of the place. But the park is also a green oasis away from the burden of history, and a playground invites children to explore.

Museums in the Speicherstadt and HafenCity - knowledge presented in a variety of ways


Like the Speicherstadt itself, the Speicherstadtmuseum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But this is not the only reason why it is a well-known sight in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. In a warehouse dating from 1888, visitors are shown how warehouse workers used to work. They took care of the storage, sampling and finishing of high-quality imported goods. These included rubber, cocoa, coffee and tea. The museum is also very popular with children.

Deutsches Zollmuseum (German Customs Museum)

Another attraction in Hamburg's Speicherstadt is the German Customs Museum. Here you can find out about the sometimes exciting activities of customs. Particularly in the Port of Hamburg, customs are always making spectacular finds, such as smuggled drugs. But the exhibitions also offer a journey into the past and thus provide a better understanding of the importance of customs.

Internationales Maritimes Museum

The International Maritime Museum is also on the way of your city rally through Hamburg with Peryscope. Here you can learn many stories and details about shipping and its development in relation to the port city.

Spicy's Gewürzmuseum (Spicy's Spice Museum)

Spicy's Gewürzmuseum is a special attraction among the sights of Hamburg's Speicherstadt. A wide range of information about spices and their history in relation to the Hanseatic city is conveyed here. The hands-on museum invites the whole family to an interactive visit. There are also varied events and special guided tours.

Automuseum Prototyp (Car Museum Prototyp)

The Automuseum Prototyp has been located in Hamburg's HafenCity since 2008. Selected vehicles from 80 years of automobile history can be admired in the museum on the basis of rare racing and sports cars. A driving simulator and multimedia elements enrich the museum's permanent exhibition. In addition, irregular special exhibitions always add to the visitor experience.

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