Contribute to Copenhagen's culture with Peryscope walking tours

Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen

As you might know, Peryscope has a straightforward policy when it comes to sustainability: 2% of our revenue are donated to contribute to the sustainable development of the city a tour was taken in. So with every single tour that is sold, we give back a share to the city and the public.

We came up with this policy, because we really want to contribute to preservation and development of the places we offer our tours. Peryscope walking tours should benefit the city instead of being a burden to it. You can read more about the idea behind this policy in another blog post.

The right cause to contribute to

In each city Peryscope offers walking tours in, we research in-depth which cause we could contribute to. The most important criterion is a local focus: All the money donated should be dedicated to the specific city. If you play a smartphone walking tour in Copenhagen, your contribution should be dedicated to a cause within the city of Copenhagen. This way, we make sure to give back to the environment our walking tours make use of. 
While this limits the scope geographically, it does not limit the possible causes: Sustainability in a broader sense can be related to the environment, public infrastructure, social causes or culture and education.

Support culture in Copenhagen

For our offering in Copenhagen, we decided to support a cultural cause in Denmark's capital. 2% revenue of every walking tour sold in Copenhagen will be donated to the Design Museum Denmark. Founded in 1890, the museum has a rich history, yet it is as fresh as it could be: After a major renovation, the museum reopens for visitors in June 2022. While the museum accepts both monetary donations as well as design works, we'll stick to the monetary support for now (unless you happen to own an exceptional piece of design work you'd like to send us).

By the way: On our walking tour Wingman Wanted in Copenhagen you pass by the Design Museum, so you can see immediately where part of your money will go.


Image: Design Museum Denmark